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Why INDABA 3.0?

Globally, nations are still grappling with the aftereffect of the 2020 worldwide lockdown and the evolving nature of the COVID variants.

Young people are at the receiving end; running insolvent, mortgaging their assets, declaring bankruptcy, losing jobs, abandoning their impact projects; and for an emerging economy like Nigeria, it calls for resilient concerted efforts. All of these necessitated Indaba 3.0, designed for development practitioners, young professionals, and budding entrepreneurs, to lead impact in resilient ways, navigate upward the career rank, and launch profitable entrepreneurial solutions in the last quarter of 2021.

Indaba was inspired by the work of the United States embassy in Nigeria under the auspices of SOZO networks. Indaba is a value-driven initiative designed to improve the Human Capital Index of the most populous black nation in the world. 

Whether you are a new entrant or a recently displaced fellow from these spaces, Indaba 3.0 is designed for you to make the final lap your best lap.

Make the final lap your best lap

"Don't assume that there is light at the end of the tunnel, go in with your light"

Emmanuel Ohanwe Convener; Indaba

"Your excuses, complacency and indecision to put in the work is costing a generation. We can only save the world when we are saved"

Emmanuel Ohanwe Convener; Indaba
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INDABA – Stay ahead and Give back

I don't like to be a messenger of news of this kind. Indaba has ended, but if you are curious, you will find something on this page.


Emmanuel Ohanwe Ikechukwu

Convener; Indaba

Emmanuel Ohanwe is the convener of Indaba. Inspired by the work of the United States Embassy in Nigeria under the auspices of SOZO Networks, Emmanuel started Indaba in 2019 to build the human capital index of the youth demography of the most populous black nation in the world. In 2020, Indaba featured industry experts that gave the youths actionable strategies to navigate the eventualities brought by the pandemic and stay afloat; with businesses properly pivoted, jobs secured and impact projects organized virtually and locally in more resilient ways.

Post lockdown, Emmanuel  led a team of 4 in a community need assessment that revealed that ‘underpricing’ amongst others was a major challenge for SMEs, this birthed to help rural businesses, artisans, inventors, and SMEs gain access to the profitable market brought by the new normal while providing bespoke branding for their products

With over 4 year’s professional experience, Emmanuel Ohanwe is the Business strategist at, The co-founder of Agrinotech. co and engaged with Polaris Marine as a business development officer in Lagos. He had one of his earliest startups incubated, certified, and featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the 200 most promising startups in Nigeria and was nominated as a young resilient entrepreneur by SME100 Africa, 2020. In March all through to June 2021, he led 60 young entrepreneurs as a startup lead and project coordinator of The ThisGeneration business incubation Project, and 6 entrepreneurs were awarded 1000 dollars to grow their businesses by the end of the business incubation.

In his work with Social Enterprises, he drives discussions and actions around sustainability and real impact assessment and evaluation. He has keen interest in the development sector and believe that global concerted efforts and Public-private partnership is an assured strategy to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

Emmanuel is certified by Harvardx on Entrepreneurship in Emerging economies, and in 2021 he got a Harvardx scholarship to study transitioning entrepreneurial solutions from Lab to Market; Certified by Dangote Business School on Emerging technology; By Berkeley Haas University California on Monitoring and Evaluation and Fundamentals in Project Management. He is a Fellow of the SOZO Networks, Fellow of African Leadership Institute, an Alumnus of The Next Economy Netherlands and a scholar at the African Centre for Leadership Strategy and Development Academy.

Amarachi Igwe Kalu

Mandela Washington fellow | Founder; Thriving up Initiative.

Amarachi Igwe Kalu is a Development Consultant and Award-Winning Infant Health and Wellbeing Advocate with over 6 years of experience in the development sector. She founded Thriving Up Initiative to save newborn lives and end preventable newborn deaths in Nigeria.

Amarachi has worked with the US Embassy, Vitamin Angels International, S.C.C Nigeria Ltd, and Access Bank, to implement high-impact interventions that have saved thousands of newborns’ lives and improved the health outcomes of babies in underserved communities in Nigeria.

In 2020, the US Government recognized her as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow. She’s a recipient of the NYSC FCT Honorary Award (2018), a recipient of the prestigious US Embassy Ambassadorial Grant Award (2018), featured at Eloy awards and Leading Ladies Africa.

Amarachi is the executive director at The AIGK; a social impact hub, equipping passionate change-makers with the Skills, Strategies, and Steps required to lead change sustainably in their communities.

Amarachi is a facilitator at Indaba 3.0. Ladies and Gentlemen, Amarachi Igwe. To connect and work with Amara, click here

Onni, Joseph Yusuf

Business analyst, Strategy and product Development @ Enyo Retail.

Joseph Onni is an agile, innovation-driven, and visionary leader with core expertise in technology product development, strategy development, operations management, and human capital development.

He is a Savvy Fellow, a Chartered Management Consultant, an Associate Member at; Chartered Institute Project Management Ghana, Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management and International College of Safety and Management Professional; an alumnus of McKinsey’s Forward leadership Programme, and a contributor to the Economic Times Design Thinking and Innovation Masterclass.

He brings to the workplace, exceptional leadership and organizational management skills. that inpires product-market fit and superiority of offer/

He currently works with a leading technology giant in the Nigeria downstream Oil and Gas sector as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer cum Business Analyst on Strategy and Product Development.

He is currently an MBA student at the University of Suffolk, UK with a first degree from Africa’s Petroleum varsity – Federal University of Petroleum Resources.

Joseph is a facilitator at Indaba 3.0. Ladies and Gentlemen, Onni  Joseph.

Olanrewaju Ogunkunle

CEO; Revocube Technologies

Olanrewaju Olamiposi Ogunkunle is the Co-Founder/CEO of Revocube Technologies; a thriving ICT solutions service provider since 2013. As a socially responsible entrepreneur, in 2018, he founded to provide technical support and training for SMEs and NGOs targeted at improving STEM education and Entrepreneurship.


He has over a decade of professional web SaaS solutions deployment especially within the education industry with platforms such as,, and


Revocube Technologies currently serve over 400,000 users across Nigeria, Ghana, United States and United Kingdom and has also published over 200 web solutions for Educational institutions and SMEs.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics/Electronics from Olabisi Onabanjo, Ogun state. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and trained in Robotics/Automation Engineering at the Leyland Automation and Engineering Academy, Nigeria amongst other local and international certifications.


He is dedicated to solving Africa’s socio-economic problems with the practical application of technology to enhance educational institutions and the rapid growth of budding Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

Olanrewaju is a facilitator at Indaba 3.0

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Lead the Den

Bold steps are made from the place of self-conviction and self-belief. The level of confidence the world would repose on you is a reflection of the measure of confidence you have for yourself.


Challenge the odds. Lead the den!


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Every morning we wake to the outcome of yesterday’s decisions. 

Tomorrow’s experience will be shaped by today’s decisions.

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